PENTEK ROPE WASHING Year 2015 Number of Padders 6

  • Brand : PENTEK
  • Year : 2015
  • Number of Padders : 6
  • More info: : PENTEK WANNY 2 
  • Used textile machine : Yes

Machine description


Wanny aims to carry out chemical treatments and washing in a continuous way and in rope form. Wanny is composed by a series of tanks with temperature control and counter-current hydraulics similar to conventional washing systems, but according to a revolutionary logic: ACTIVE WASH.

Wanny's revolution lies in the continuous movement of back and forth in the soft flow nozzles (from 24 to 40 nozzles depending on the model), while maintaining constant continuous entry and exit from the system. At the end of the process, the passages through the nozzles (Active Washing) vary on average from 80 to 100 times in 30-40 minutes of total permanence of the fabric in the machine. This allows an enormous washing power in a reduced dwell time.

The concept is similar to the tea bag: the solution of the tea occurs much more quickly if the bag is repeatedly immersed in water, rather than leaving it static in the cup.The enormous water / product / fabric exchange plus the dwell time allow the simple development of chemical treatments, otherwise complex, if not impossible in conventional continuous systems, such as enzymatic anti-pilling, optical whiteness, reductive clearing and obviously bleaching, or usually relegated to discontinuous processes in dyeing machines or in expensive open width lines.On the other hand, the same elements of frequency and permanence guarantee an unique effectiveness in the washing treatments (scouring, after printing or neutralization / rinsing) which assimilate the Wanny processing speeds to common continuous washing systems.

The use of the rope and the free movement of the fabric also ensure a context of relaxation and natural shrinkage of the fabric that is impossible to achieve in open width, as well as an exchange efficiency unmatched to date, guaranteed by the overflow nozzles.Wanny adopts the logic of modularity: by combining 3 different modules (QUICK, CHEM and WASH) it allows to fulfill the most varied treatment needs, through flexible and multi-functional configurations.

The dosage of chemical products can be configured at will by means of dedicated pumps for each individual product, product vessels, suction and injection system built for maximum accuracy.An enormous variety of solutions today becomes possible to produce in a competitive and sustainable way and for a moment to breathe the air of uniqueness:Let your production FLOW in CONTINUOUS!

Wanny enables to carry out washing processes and chemical applications on numerous fabrics by composition, structure and applications, both for knits, thanks to the delicate action of the soft flows, but also for woven, without risk of creases, in 3 large application areas:
Desizing and de.oiling on greige goods, bleaching, yarn dyed washing, optical white, shrinkage baths and quick washing or rinsing after mercerizing.
For reactive, disperse, acid and corrosion pigments.
For reactive soaping, polyester reduction clearing and wash off processes after CPB.

  • Silky Goods: Preparation washes (de-oiling or sizing), return of the crêpes, after printing
  • Shirting and linen: Shrinkage washes of linen, printed shirts, desizing of yarn dyed.
  • Knitwear: De-oiling, enzymatic biopolishing, bleaching before dyeing, optical white for printing, washing of yarn dyes, soaping of reactive dyes, polyester reduction clearing
  • Wool and blends: Continuous "rapid wash" effect, fulling and shrinkage baths.

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